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Growing up, Yehuda Lang found tremendous joy in drawing and painting. In fact, he had a dream that one day he would grow up and become a real artist. However, as all grown-ups must do, Yehuda realized that he must squash his dream and go out and get a real job. So he applied to the Ontario College of Art and Design, and after graduating in Advertising in 2007, Yehuda went on to work as the National Art Director for the Jewish National Fund of Canada.

Well that’s great and all, but Yehuda still had an itch and that itch was telling him to keep painting and continue drawing and share his art with world. So with the encouragement of his lovely wife Ester, he decided to follow that path, his original dream, and become a real artist. A painter. Art for the sake of art. Yes! He can be an adult - and a real artist - all at the same time and that is ok. And so, that is the story of Yehuda Lang and his dream. Oh yeah, and he has cat named whiskers.

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